While the left brain is known for its logical and rational thought,the right brain is especially known for looking at the big picture is characteristic of the right brain…it offers us the opportunity to see interrelationships which can bring about new insights and a different perspective on problems when focusing on the smaller picture.

I can remember crying when I was a little boy and one of my older sisters ask that I come over to the window to look at all the beautiful stars in the sky…in looking up I was fascinated with this wondrous sight while completely forgetting what I was crying about…it is a memory which reoccurs in my life especially when I feel unjustifiably disturbed over something happening to me…it acts as a reminder to me when I am experiencing what I feel is a huge problem,that I need to look at the bigger picture to gain perspective and then hopefully my feelings will significantly change.

Is our continuous looking at the smaller picture a result of an obsession with our self as being the most important concern in our life?…it is natural to pay attention to our self but should it be our exclusive preoccupation at the expense of not realizing there is another half of the picture which is surrounding us but generally ignored as being insignificant…to see the other half of the picture is to see the whole picture which can put our self in perspective and hopefully give us a more wholesome and balanced view of life.

Because we seem so concerned with our narrow focus on self-hood there is little energy or awareness in which to meet the predictable threat to our environment …one characteristic of self preoccupation is to ignore and even deny problems outside of our own needs…and such a limited view paradoxically leads to self destruction…if we can open our minds to a larger picture we may finally be in harmony with the rest of the universe.

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