The left brain is known for its rational and analytical thinking…however it is not generally known that it is also the home of the ego or separate self…the left brain is largely an adaptive tool by learning languages and developing a self image through social conditioning…all of which are really only simple artifacts and fabrications needed for the support of a society and role playing by its members…soon after the age of three,social conditiong begins developing the left brain to take on our dominant and primary identity.

Our spontaneous and natural right brain gradually falls into the background as insignificant and often an interference with the all important ego and its left brain…in addition, the left brain tends to accept the conventional belief system and values…this results in the ego becoming quite judgemental with many expectations for itself and very critical when not met.

There can be a sense of deep failure and despair when the ego cannot meet its rigid expectations and feel hopelessly trapped without any resolution in sight…at some point the ego may unconditionally surrender and much to our surprise we may suddenly find an awareness of being in our right brain…it is the nature of the right brain to be totally accepting,completely free of judgements, and expectations creating a feeling of deep peace and contentment…I see this as the essence of the spiritual experience and the return to our natural home which we always possessed…at the same time we may see the role of the superficial and artificial left brain as an adaptive tool and secondary to our identity with our right brain .

2 Responses

  1. The aggressive left brain controlled by the ego does not want to give up its dominance causing the disharmony…at the core of the ego are many expectations and goals that can be largely “let go” through insight.

  2. It is often quite difficult to harmonize the right and left brain. And I agree that reaching such harmony and proper context may be key to our spiritual development. Great post!

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