Most communications on the Internet are printed verbal statements resulting in very limited interaction with others…it often provides a safe way of covering up many feelings which can only be expressed in nonverbal language…however our left brain verbal thoughts are often considered the most important part of our communications…the popularity of U tube may offer us relieve from being overwhelmed by words…as a result, I try to give pictures and videos an important place on my blog.

One research study indicated that up to 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Another study indicated that the impact of a performance was determined 7 percent by the words used, 38 percent by voice quality, and 55 percent by the nonverbal communication.

I find that as I read the written verbal messages on the Internet,I try to compensate by developing an image of the writer as if they were present and their words were actually being expressed with their non verbal cues…in other words my imagination tries to fill in the missing parts of their communications which is largely a projection or even a fictitious fantasy on my part.

We may further try to extract the underlying meaning of a message by intuitively look at the use of the words,the personal importance given to the message,and trying to read between the lines since what is said in the lines never can fully communicate the total meaning of the message…and in doing so we very often read our own thoughts into what the writer meant.

All of this can never fully replace the actual body language we intuitively perceive when we are physical present ; much of which is picked up unconsciously…and the complexity of this process may leave us with a feeling about the interaction although we can not often explain it verbally.

Perhaps one of reasons we love our pets so much is because we can usually read their nonverbal communications easily…verbal language with all of its advantages is an inventive artifact causing much confusion and misunderstanding and creates just another dilemma for our human relationships.

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