Bipolar disorder is an integral part of the “social flow” and reflects some of the divisive categories of a fragmented society….but they offer us greater insight into the deeper problems we all experience and in their own way make a unique contribution to our understanding of society.

Early in life, children learn through social conditioning in a belief system which includes a separate personal self …this seems to occur in a similar way as the downloading a program in a computer… the human process is gradually imprinted deep within the subconscious mind… included in this belief is that we are responsible for our identity and behavior…it is similar to an assumption that a computer program can autonomously decide on how it will perform…the primary function of the personal self is learning to adapt to a social environment by accepting its rules and customs…humans can’t depend simply on natural instincts to adapt but instead need to fabricate social tools in order to survive…regrettably it includes the belief that everyone has an autonomous self with a responsible personal self.

The belief of a personal self is largely developed subconsciously however the nature of the downloaded program may turn out to result in unconventional behavior within a child…if included in this programming there is a demand to excel in their social identity and role playing, an extreme vulnerability has been added to the complications

The child may soon become aware they are different and usually has difficulty integrating into the social environment…they may be encouraged to try harder by behaving properly but this may only frustrate and make them more aware of their inability to conform to expected behavior…as they move into adolescence, peer pressures can add to their stress which may result in severe states of depression…it becomes clearer that their adjustment problems are not going to be outgrown and can be much more complicated than they first understood.

It is a common assumption that the bipolar personality is caused by a deficiency in brain chemistry which can be normalized by prescribed medication…however there is no conclusive evidence that the abnormal brain chemistry is not in fact a side effect rather than a cause…it is a convenient way to label the bipolar individual as a separate and unique problem from that of society without examining the social factors involved.

I would like to propose that the bipolar personality is a symptom of a social illusion…and that illusion is our common perception that we have a separate personal self functioning independently from everyone else in our society…it is a kind of social hallucination creating the perception of separateness and divisiveness.

It is further complicated by a feeling and assumption we are unrelated to our natural environment and as result we totally identify with a personal self as the center of meaning in life…this belief establishes that the goal of the personal self is to be successful consistent with the assumptions and beliefs of society…and the bipolar personality is often described as an inability to successfully integrate into the conventional social expectations…they are often locked in a depression caused by the condemnation of their personal self or when in a manic state the expansion or ballooning of the personal self waiting to burst…in both cases their personal self is at the center of the problem.

An important first step in healing is to question the assumptions that we are are a separate personal self who is responsible for our behavior…this requires serious consideration and effort to cleanse away long standing and deeply rooted social assumptions and expectations…specifically it is the realization that our thoughts and feelings do not occur from our conscious mind but instead “flow up” spontaneously from a subconscious source beyond our control…and also the realization also that there is no separate subconscious mind but instead we are part of a “collective subconscious” mind.

It can lead to the insight that a controlling and judgemental personal self is only an illusion and the major factor in causing stressful conditions…if bipolar feelings and thoughts are fully accepted and even “let be” it can end the battle to control the problem… resistance and control is at the core of our personal self and its end is an important step in being liberated from this painful assumption ….it can result in an experience of extraordinary freedom with a sense of “wholeness” instead of the split personalty tormenting their life….the long term “conflict” can come to end and lead them to a much better position in taking responsibility for their life.

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