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Science tells us we use only about 3 to 10% of our brain on a conscious level. The other 90 to 97% is used at the subconscious level. It is this vast area of our minds that our right brain function shines. Although much new information has been gleaned from its study, many still question how we use all the “gray matter” between our ears.

Those who study neuroscience tell us left and right brain function is present throughout our brain while other experts argue there are definite distinguishable characteristics between each of the hemispheres. What we do know is we have tremendous brain potential and there are experts offer answers – some of which go beyond traditionally acceptable concepts about the mind the how we think. Following is research put into layman’s terms about this extremely fascinating subject.

Both our left brain and right brain have 5 senses which are tied together…our left brain “outer” senses are: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. The left brain functions also help us deal with the daily stresses of life…however our right brain senses are subconscious.

Before we dig into the five specific right brain senses, let’s explore how information is stored in our right brain mind. As mentioned above, the bulk of our memory is stored at subconscious levels. Subconscious memory is stored as the images of the things we see. In addition, our subconscious mind converts and stores the sounds we hear as images. What we taste and touch is also stored as images, and so is everything we smell!

A Theory on How Our Right Brain Senses Operate

Let us use as an example a pencil…this may sound strange, but when I smell a certain type of pencil wood, it brings up a memory image in my mind when I was in my 2nd grade classroom. There I am, writing at my desk in class. The image could not be more clear.

Remember: All our memories – all we experience through our senses whether, we’re aware of it or not – are stored as images in our brains at the subconscious level. If you think your brain couldn’t hold that much information, it can! Science estimates that our brain has a memory capacity one million times that of the world’s most powerful computer. So, I think we have an amazing and powerful piece of equipment sitting right between our ears!

Continuing with my story: I can remember the strong scent of my pencil while writing at my desk. That smell is forever tied to that event. So, whenever I catch a whiff of a certain type of wood pencil, that image pops right up out of my subconscious mind to my conscious awareness with absolutely no effort. In fact, just writing about it here brings up that scent memory.

If you think this sounds strange, can you remember how your school books smelled? Think about opening that brand new school book, the smell of paper and glue. If you’ve experienced this, I’ll bet memories you thought were long gone will start popping up in your mind. You may even actually smell the scent of your school books again.

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  1. That is the best site i;ve ever visit! but actually it is and will be the best lesson to me..becouse i study in yale .un… for about 4 years but i don;t get all those clear explians..thank you ..

  2. It is impossible for us to store all our past memory in our conscious mind and so it moves to the subconscious mind where it can be recalled with the appropriate stimulus.

    There are reports that at the time of death our whole life is seen within a few seconds.

  3. I have a similar memory of being in my music class in 4th grade. The smell of a text book is what brings me to remember this memory. I never realized that this was linked to the subconscious mind.

  4. Hi Scintilla,

    I find memory recall occurs most intensely when I have arrived following a long struggle to achieve an important goal…somewhat like a sudden awareness of someones name when giving up an effort to recall it.

    I can recall a similar experience over 50 years ago when I suddenly became aware of a solution to a problem I had struggled with most of my life…it happened as I walked along a beachfront and I can still remember exactly the sounds of the waves and people around me…these are precious moments and revelations of our potentials.


  5. During my review for the bar exam, i wrote outlines of the books I read. I then read my outline several times. During the exam, I could recall the page in my outline where the possible answer was written. I still could feel the texture of the paper where I wrote my outline. And yes, I could even feel the breeze of the wind that swift when I read the outline.

    I reviewed intensively for six months. After the exam, even when one year had passed, I could still be waken up by the recollection of the things I read, not only the concepts but the time, and place when I read about the concept.

  6. Thanks for your excellent post.
    “Mindboggling” that we only use such a tiny proportion of our brain.
    So much still remains unexplained!
    We are still primitive beings.

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