“The only way to escape depression is to look at it, gauge it, sound it out and descend into it.” -CesarePavese

Depression occurs when we are “stuck” in a negative vicious circle and removed from the natural flow of life…simple measures such as taking a long walk or jogging offers an opportunity to experience the missing flow and feel relief from the depression but does not result in a cure.

Usually depression is caused by our flow energy being block because of failed expectations and goals arising from a very demanding ego which is largely rooted in oursubconscious mind…..essentially transcending depression is freeing our self from the socially conditioned “shoulds” we believe necessary to fulfill our self image…so healing usually occurs only when accepting our self in an unconditional way …but the persistent and some times tyrannical ego resist any such consideration as an unbearable lost and failure .

The resistance to accepting our situation only intensifies the painful depression creating a feeling of being hopelessly trapped without seeing any solution…the feelings of the depression itself becomes an additional source of depression and we are caught up in a vicious circle.

Depression can be a terrifying and painful experience in which we usually feel it must be escaped at any cost…and there are a innumerable ways we can escape without resolving the depression…the only true resolution seems to come when we open our self up to the experience without trying to run away…this may happen if we can surrender to the depression flow which includes our feelings of hopeless expectations…it means we give up our resistance to the depression which is the major obstacle preventing us from flowing out of the depression…resistance is always a block to a free flow…such an approach is the last thing our ego is willing to consider.

However by surrendering our self and flowing with the depression do we bring about a complete change in the experience to one of peace and integration…it does require the difficult reprogramming of the mind to “let go”of ego expectations and assumptions and so learning the healing benefits of “flow”… this can also create a feeling of strength and courage in that we are no longer intimidated by a threatening depression… but instead are able to stand up to it without needing to escape…it also offers us a realization of how to transcend the ego as a way of dealing with our psychological problems.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I have experienced severe depression and been on anti-depression medication…I am also a licensed psychiatric social worker and have counseled many depressed clients.

    I share what I have learned particularly from my own personal experiences…I realize this approach is not for everyone but if it can help one person my blog was well worth it.


    I feel ther

  2. I have the feeling you have never experienced true depression. There is a big differance between “feeling down” and the inability to control your sadness, sobbing, and emotions…despite ones ability to reationalize that these feelings have no basis behind them. I would never encourage anyone to move “to a center of a depression” as it may bring them closer to the edge and thus suicide may be then end result. The idea is to get a depressed person to reinforce possitive neurological pathways instead of making superhighways of the bad ones.

    I am a person who is all for natural healing and would love to be off of medications and find a way to manage my depression through diet and excerices (both of which I am already conscious of). However, when I am experiencing my drepression I am in an altered state of mind and cannot rationalize and come up with a prectical solution to rememedy my situation. Please do not encourage people delve deeper into their depression without having the help of a trained professional.

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