While the left brain is known for its logical and rational thought,the right brain is especially known for its imagination,creativity,insight and wisdom…although we live in a dominantly left brain culture, our right side waits patiently for us to explore its unusual potentials.

The left brain knows the rules,however the right brain knows the exceptions.

While the left brain thinks what is counted counts,the right knows that what counts cannot be counted.

The left brain thinks happiness is in the future,while the right brain knows contentment is in the present.

While the left brain takes our self seriously,the right brain sees our self humorously.

The left brain likes to pile up facts ,while the right enjoys looking at the large picture

While the left brain exploits the environment,the right wants to live in harmony with it.

And the left brain prefers following beaten paths,the right creates its own.

While the left brain expresses itself in abstract thoughts,the right loves concrete metaphors. 

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