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Source:Awakening Intuition

Makoto Shichida describes the subconscious as producing brain waves which resonate with the universe. According to Shichida, the universe broadcasts at 7.5 Hz, just at the border between Alpha and Theta waves. Through meditation and other relaxation techniques, we can maintain our brain waves on the same frequency as the universe and even be receptive to it’s inspiration.

According to many spiritual teachings, we live in a physical (time and space) universe and also in a non-physical universe that’s not connected to time or space. So, there are seen and unseen forces we deal with daily.

What does it matter if we’re in tune with the universe or not? Quantum physics believes we are all connected to the universe and our right brain is a part of the mind that makes this connection through our vast subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind occupies up to 97% of our brain functions. In fact, our subconscious minds are “receiving stations” for all impressions, both good and bad. Let’s just say there’s a lot going on “behind the scenes.”

The conscious mind is focused in time and space. The subconscious taps into the part of our mind that has no sense of time or space. It is generally believed intuition and love allows us to tap higher knowledge, discoveries and inventions that transcend our personal experience and knowledge. When we take a look at geniuses throughout history and read about their lives, we find, for example, that geniuses like da Vinci drew plans for the helicopter hundreds of years before the first one was ever built. They all had that special subconscious mind connection to the “Universal Mind”.

Intuition occurs when outer forces influence our subconscious minds. It picks up those vibrations as images, which are transferred to our consciousness. The theory of some that because part of the universe is not physical and is not anchored in time or space, we have access to past and future events through our subconscious senses. And, because we are all tied to the universe, we are also all tied to each other and with thoughts of others we’ve had meaningful experiences.

But, if our subconscious minds are inspired or impressed by the “Universal Mind,” that doesn’t mean those higher thoughts make there way to our conscious awareness.

If our subconscious is not fully integrated with left brain functions, there’s no cross-over from the subconscious to the conscious mind, and we can “miss the boat” on whatever we were supposed to know at a given moment in time. It could be as simple as meeting up with an old friend that you had no previous knowledge would happen, or as life saving as taking a different route home from work , and finding out later that you would have gotten caught in a serious accident on your normal route home had you not followed that split-second intuition.

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