“I wish I was as intelligent as the first day of my birth”~H.D.Thoreau

Professor Makoto Shichida is leading a worldwide revolution in right brain education which isprofpic changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles. He has been committed the last 40 years to developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the right brain.

Over the years, he has founded over 400 Child Academies in Japan. He has also written more than a hundred books (in Japanese), some of which remains on the bestsellers list in Japan.

The basis of his theory is that from ages birth through three, the right brain works dominantly. During this period, it is important to provide as much as a baby needs, and to stimulate his or her five senses regularly. This is also a time when the child is fast absorbing information and is extremely eager to learn.

Accessing the right brain enables a child to learn better and could unlock creative abilities.These include speed-reading skills, a photographic memory, the ability to accurately sketch something seen only once, a facility for performing instant math equations, and rare musical talent. The right brain is also responsible for visual and spatial processing, and the ability to see problems in multiple dimensions, as great physicists do.

Children grow and mature faster than parents think. The human brain rapidly starts developing soon after birth.At the age of six, 70% of the brain is developed, and at around the age of 10, almost 90% of the brain is developed. To make corrections or changes later on will prove to be an incredibly hard task, and great effort will be needed for it.

These children are tapping powers we never knew existed as if they are perfectly normal. Watching them rapidly memorize enormous amounts of information and recall with precision and understanding, predict future events, improve their athletic ability instantaneously is his guide for education.

There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago. ~J. Robert Oppenheimer

Makoto Schichida Method
BrillBaby is the most comprehensive
resource on Makoto Schichida’s method.

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