Source Dr. Sunny Sandhu

The future of neurosciences is no longer just in wondering how to treat illnesses, but to focus on the natural states of higher conciousness which around the world people are recognising.

Meditation research is the future, I see it growing very strong, the role of DMT the endogenous psychedelic and entheogen is going to be remarkable in understanding, life and death.

Slowly as it is with science.It will understand that the brain waves are just not coming from inside our head but it has connection with the waves around us;that interaction is going to be a major key in understanding of birth and rebirth.

Of telepathy… inside the pineal there are peizoelectric crystals. I feel that this is where we begin to feel the waves , thoughts travelling outside us, this is way beyond our normal senses.

We are going to be totally demystifying religious beliefs into a total science. And this shall bring forth a new golden age. The universe has blessed us with so many gifts, its waiting us to open our brains to the waves.

2 Responses

  1. I browsed google but information is very technical and was unable to find a layman’s explanation…Sorry

  2. Hi I read this article and I am very interested in having more information about the pineal gland and the piezoelectric crystals. Where can I find this class of information?

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