” Our spontaneous action is always the best. You cannot, with your best deliberation and heed, come so close to any question as your spontaneous glance shall bring you.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.” ~ Win Borden

“Spontaneity is only a term for man’s ignorance of the gods” ~Samuel Butler

“Don’t wait for answers… Just take your chances!
Don’t ask me why.” ~Billy Joel

Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour germinates no more. ~Henri Frederic Amiel

How, then, find the courage for action? By slipping a little into unconsciousness, spontaneity, instinct which holds one to the earth and dictates the relatively good and useful. … By accepting the human condition more simply, and candidly, by dreading troubles less, calculating less, hoping more. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

I think that one can have luck if one tries to create an atmosphere of spontaneity. ~Federico Fellini

Our whole life is an attempt to discover when our spontaneity is whimsical, sentimental irresponsibility and when it is a valid expression of our deepest desires and values. ~Helen Merrell Lynd

Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine a bit of unscheduled pleasure. ~Richard Iannelli

Unconsciousness, spontaneity, instinct … hold us to the earth and dictate the relatively good and useful. ~Henri Frederic Amiel

When I do things without any explanation, but just with spontaneity … I can be sure that I am right. ~ Federico Fellini

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  1. Walt…Your comment stimulated my thoughts about the nature of “gut feelings” and I researched the topic…my latest blog expresses pretty much my point of view on this subject.

    It is related to feelings of inappropriateness to questionable responses…our decisions are not totally dependent on the thought process.


  2. MrSid 03/31/10

    Shucks, I feel another webpage coming on. I so love the thoughts of non-idiots, I always learn something. Questions lead to more questions, and I so love questions, my neurons are hungry and need feeding. Thinking about thinking can be slippery. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this is the direction you want this web page to go, probably not. This is a skeleton outline.

    We have at least 4 levels of cognizence on a conscious level involving two logic trees, (top down, bottom up) with the top down dominant. Input data can trigger

    1.reflex> nano-seconds, primal defense mechanism (fight, flight etc) If this is triggered all further possibilities are removed from consideration. A dead end on the decision tree. No neural connections other than “I’m outta here” is even possible (epigenetics?)
    2.reaction> ½ sec (.47 sec), the top down and bottom up algorithms are scanned for matches. The social imprinting which only allows “approved” concepts to be considered occurs up to age 7 (or puberty or 21, depending on source). After this period the algorithm can be altered as long as the alteration is consistent with the imprinting. (learning can occur within the constraints of imprinting)
    3.response> ½ sec to 7 sec (8 sec) during which the left and right minds are scanned for relevancy. Left first then right.
    4.Musing> the first actual thinking that occurs. During this time (indeterminate) the left hemisphere examines the right hemisphere for possible correlations. (compares left and right for possible relevancy) This is not a good mode to be in when a lion jumps out at you from behind a bush, which would explain why the top down mode is dominant. People whose bottom up mode was dominant were removed from the gene pool (at least in the west.)
    5.Dreaming> Where the bulk of thinking occurs, an off-line free form playing out of of various scenarios useful in determining if a possible better reaction is possible. The memories of dreams we have on awakening is only snippets in symbolic form being flushed from short term memory. (don’t want to confuse dreams with reality)

    So like I said, it depends. To a Viking spontenaity at Starbucks might be appropriate. #2

    We only think we’re thinking

    Or I could be full of it, I am crazy, don’t you know.

  3. Walt…Spontaneous fantasy is one of the pleasures of life but acting out inappropriate fantasies can be a serious problem…the feeling of inappropriateness should be spontaneous without much thinking…Sid

  4. hi sid
    an impulse to do your wife on the coffee table at can be fun
    an impulse to do the waitress on the Starbucks counter is something you might want to reflect on.
    you can erase this, just enjoying spontaniety.

  5. Walt,I agree judgement is necessary but it can also be spontaneous…an artist or athlete are good examples of this rapid coordinated action…reflective thinking tends to inhibit our behavior…Sid

  6. “spontaneity is the right hemisphere tossing out a suggestion, it is up to the left hemisphere to determine it’s practicality”

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