Since the invention of the electroencephalogram (EEG) in the 1930’s, scientists have been able to measure the electrical activity of the brain. Our brain pulses and vibrates like everything else in the Universe.

Between our waking brain waves and sleeping brain waves, is a rhythmic flow known as Alpha Waves… Alpha rhythms appear most frequently when our eyes are closed and the mind is in a quiet state of relaxation.

When our brain is in alpha rhythm, we become more aware of our creativity and imagination. It happens when the critical censoring function performed by our rational mind is “half asleep.” Thus when in alpha flow, our feelings and images can more easily pass through the “gate-keeper” of our rational mind, unaffected by judgment.

Scientists have shown that highly creative people who are less identified with social expectations have different brain waves from non-creative people. In order to have a creative inspiration, the mind needs to expand consciousness and therefore able to generate an intense flow of Alpha brain waves. The minds of creative people can generate more Alpha brain waves when faced with problems to solve. Any time you have an insight or an inspiration, you know your mind just produced more Alpha waves than usual. Scientists have also shown in experiments, Buddhist monks in meditation also experience significant flow of Alpha brain waves…this has also been found true of athletes who are “in the zone”… and there are good reasons to believe it is also true in any activity when we we lose awareness of our self and time, and functioning in “autopilot” which is common to all “flow” experiences.

Alpha brain waves also occurs naturally as we are falling asleep or day dreaming, and is at its height when we first wake up. Concrete thoughts, physical activity, or light on the retina of the eye narrows consciousness and sends the brain out of alpha and into beta wave activity. Thus, the ideal time for exploring the intuitive mind in alpha flow occurs as we are falling asleep or as we are awakening.

It is said that Aristotle used to lie in bed with a ball in his hand so that when he would fall asleep the ball would drop and bang a copper plate below. The noise would wake him up, keeping him in a quasi state of sleep and consciousness. This is perhaps the time when he generated his best ideas and insights.

We can naturally enter the alpha flow when we are slowly and naturally wakening up. As we awaken, and just lie in bed and consciously allow our thoughts to free associate on topics of interest. This is particularly easy when we have no pressure to get out of bed, such as a weekend…and when we do not use an alarm clock to wake us up.

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  1. The glands that make up the conscience and sub-conscience are very efficient. In order to conserve energy, the brain shuts down a persons activity to slow down the conversion of ATP molecule needed by the mitochondrion.
    The ALPHA BRAIN WAVES frequecy fakes out the brain shut down cycle, hence more energy is available to power the brain functions.

  2. Ron,

    The higher state of consciousness arise from our lower subconscious mind which is vastly more intelligent than our conscious mind.

    I love your quote from Einstein,”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”…he would often after struggling with a difficult theoretical problem then play his violin at which time many of his most important insights occurred.

    The alpha brain waves is most likely occurs when we are in a state of passivity and when our ego becomes inactive.


  3. RIGHT BRAIN, 4/6/10



    Thanks again for another informative and insightful posting. As a senior citizen, I can affirm from much experience the wisdom of your concluding advice about accessing alpha states. I was first informed about alpha brain waves thirty five years ago in a commercial “workshop” called Silva Mind Control, where I had some unforgettably amazing alpha experiences. Since then, I have kept at my bedside pen and paper with which I have often noted alpha wave answers to beta state problems and questions, after ’sleeping on them’. Thus, I was able empirically to validate Einstein’s observation that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” And, this was how I wrote many of the aphorisms, essays and poems which I’ll soon be posting at SillySutras.com.

    But after meeting my Hindu guru, I just categorized such insight experiences as “mystical” without further scientifically exploring them. So I am finding your right brain explanations quite fascinating. And I’m now wondering about my ever changing daytime brain wave state, and how to intentionally access alpha states while exposed to daily stresses and stimulations.

    Isn’t it paradoxical that the slower our brain waves, the higher our state of consciousness? How does brain science explain this?


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