Roger Sperry won the 1981 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work with split-brain research… he found both the left and the right hemisphere are quite different, even being in opposition to each other at the same time.It appears that our left brain is obsessed with developing a self image with desirable role playing…this part of the brain is filled with many beliefs and expectations which has been socially conditioned…most problematic is its belief that we have a separate self from the rest of our environment and so becoming egocentric…all of which causes much stress and inner conflicts.

The right brain tends to be found in our subconscious mind and feels more related to the flow of the present moment and the spontaneity of our actions… it is deeper,more creative, and feels related to the environment…ideally it should be our primary identity rather than the left brain which seems largely an adaptive tool for survival and to help us feel part of a social environment…however it is important in order to fully develop our potentials, we continue to learn adaptive skills through the left brain… many of these skills move on to a deeper level of memory in the subconscious right brain and can be spontaneously performed.

We do have a choice as to the way we experience life and it depends on the brain hemisphere in which we identify…however when we treat the left brain simply as an adaptive tool and a secondary identity, we will meet severe resistance from the very obsessive egocentric left brain… it seems that the left brain as our primary identity needs to be undermined and questioned before it will surrender and therefore allowing us to move our awareness and identity to the right brain…hence it appears only through a deep and persistent “letting go” does this change occur.

2 Responses

  1. Carol…The difference to me is that the left brain is secular while the right brain is sacred…I prefer the sacred over the secular…Sid

  2. This also goes with some other theories of letting go. Interesting how it’s associated with the left brain. Guess it’s about achieving a good balance.

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