Source: Bipolar or Waking Up ?

Sean Blackwell has experienced what is known as a bipolar personalty disorder but through the guidance of a transpersonal healing approach came to understand the potential of not only recovering from this crises but also to move to a higher level of spiritual awareness…he shares his understanding in a remarkable series of videos posted on his You Tube page.He introduces his story:

“In 1996 I had an experience normally called “mania” by most psychiatrists. At its peak, I was in such a state of ecstasy that I thought I had died. The episode ended with me being handcuffed by two police officers and taken to Psychiatric Emergency because I had refused the officer’s request to put my clothes back on, in the ballroom of a Toronto Hotel. At the hospital, I could see that the doctors had no idea what was really happening to me. Obviously, they thought I had gone crazy.

Their first diagnosis of me that night was that I had become “Bi-Polar” or possibly schizophrenic. My parents were terrified. Leaving the hospital 3 days later I refused to ever see a psychiatrist or traditional therapist again, although I did look for my own answers. That was the best decision I ever made.

A year later, I discovered the work of Transpersonal Psychologist, Dr. Stan Grof. In his book, The Stormy Search for the Self, I found a framework for exactly what had happened to me. He called it a Spiritual Emergency. Now in 2007, I look back on this “Spiritual Emergency” as absolutely essential for my personal growth, and as the most important and dangerous experience of my life.”

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