“The only way to escape depression is to look at it, gauge it, sound it out and descend into it.” -Cesare Pavese

Depression occurs when we are “stuck” in a negative vicious circle and removed from the spontaneous flow of life. It is caused by the blocking of our emotional process due to failed expectations from a very demanding personal self…..essentially, it is possible to transcend depression by freeing our self from socially conditioned “shoulds” we believe are necessary to fulfill our self image… healing usually occurs when we accept our self in an unconditional way …but the persistent and some times tyrannical personal self resist any such consideration as an unbearable lost and failure .

The resistance to accepting our situation only intensifies the painful depression creating a feeling of being hopelessly trapped without any solution…the feelings of the depression itself becomes an additional source of depression and we are caught up in a vicious circle.

Depression can be a terrifying and painful experience which we usually feel must be escaped at any cost…it has the tendency to narrowly focus our attention on what seems like a hopeless problem….there are a innumerable ways we can escape without resolving the depression…the only true resolution of depressed blocks seems to come only when we willingly accept the depression without trying to run away …it also means we have to give up our resistance to the depression which has been a major factor in deepening the experience… when that happens the narrow focus on the problem changes to a freer expansion of our consciousness and we may see many more solutions to the problem… in looking back the depression may seem meaningless.

We can learn the difficult task of reprogramming the mind to “let go”of unnecessary expectations… developing this approach can also create a feeling of strength and courage in that we are no longer are intimidated by a threatening depression… but instead we are able to stand up to it without needing to escape…it also offers us the realization of how to transcend many other personal problems in difficult life situations.

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  1. Thankyou for this great message.

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