By Makoto Shichida

In ancient civilizations right brain activity was well developed. The ancient people lacked telephones, radar, cars and other forms of technology. Despite this limitation they could, by the use of higher senses, bridge the limitations of distance. Modern man is predominantly left brained; we use language and sequential learning to acquire knowledge. This is a tedious lengthy process. Left-brain based education clouds right-brain activity and the resultant student frustration contributes to dissatisfaction in the classroom.

Doctors and scientists became aware of the right brain through the emergence of people with ‘Savants’ syndrome. These people had tremendous memorization skills, generally termed photographic memory. Their ability to calculate complex equations was almost instant and correct. In short, they saw the world in terms of images and patterns. This is the domain of the right brain.

Far from being unique, we all possess these abilities. At birth, our right brain is fully activated. Mothers and fathers can communicate with their offspring via telepathy. How often have you seen a tense mother with a screaming baby? As the mother calms down, loves and caresses her child harmony is restored. Up to the age of six years, this ability is present. If not stimulated the ability will diminish and become dormant (dormant not extinct).

Children learn much faster than we formerly imagined. By nature, they are very in tune with life around them. Children are very spiritual; the advice coming from a young set of lips often shows wisdom beyond their years. Using a simple series of steps: meditation, breathing and imaging; the right brain is progressively activated to reveal potential previously thought impossible.

Although early training is optimal, it is never too late to awaken these abilities in oneself. The area in the right frontal lobe, previously thought to be a silent area, is the area where these wonderful abilities reside. When using Quantum Speed Reading, brain topography shows an increase in the theta brain wave activity, in this so called silent zone. This type of brain wave is appropriate for study.

Unique Functions of the Right Brain

The functions of the right brain include; ESP or the higher senses of sight, hearing, smell taste and touch, right brain sensory perception (holistic mind), right brain arithmetic, right brain memory and right brain acoustic pitch (perfect pitch).Right brain memory is in image form and long lasting and right brain thoughts come as inspirations.This half of the brain has the following unique faculties; resonance function, imaging/ visualisation function, high-speed mass memorization and high speed automatic processing function.

QSR (Quantum Speed Reading) Technique

Using a simple series of steps: meditation, breathing and imaging; the right brain is progressively activated. Clear imaging powers must be present before the next step is taken. Once children are able to form and hold steady images, they begin to flip rapidly through books.

QSR is one of the child’s natural talents or abilities. This is done by rapidly flipping through the pages of a book. No emphasis is placed on reading the written word. The vibrations coming from the book are perceived and converted into colours and then images. The images can be seen and the content instantly understood. It is like the analogy of the blind man and the elephant. A sighted man can instantly see and know that it is an elephant before him. A blind man must painstakingly feel, smell and sense to reach the same conclusion.

The right brain processes information at high speed, allowing the words to become images and images to join and become pictures. Resonance is a right brain function, i.e. the ability to communicate information in a universal way. Language of the text thus becomes irrelevant. The colours emanating from the book reflect the level of comprehension. Red through to yellow indicates poor levels of comprehension. The child may not have come across the concept yet and so can’t comprehend it. Green through to purple indicate good comprehension. White light indicates universal understanding i.e. the need for co-operation and friendship in society.

Makoto Schichida Method
BrillBaby is the most comprehensive
resource on Makoto Schichida’s method.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Elisa,

    Thanks for your interesting comment…I did visit your site and hope to comment on select blogs which I think would be a preferred way of sharing my thoughts on both sides of our brain.

    I am impressed with your beautiful writing skills and probing questions.


  2. The blind man and the painstaking comment fly contrary to what was presented in the article before it. Used entirely, the brain has many other ways of ‘imaging’. The legally blind, can also speed read, while assimilating an entire other set of information that would normally be called subconscious. People who remote view multiple locations at once also do this activity.

    I would like to know please, as I feel what I would term brain geography is out of my element, are you saying in most of these posts that right brain thinkers are those who think in pictures, colors, sounds, smells and other things and then have a way of chunking that information is different than for others? I think that I continuously find that I take for granted that others can and do think as I do, when in fact they do not. It puzzles me and provides consternation that this could be possible as, to me, it is like breathing. I once asked a friend in dismay, when I was attempting to help them to study, “you make no mention of simply looking in your head and turning the pages of the textbook in your mind and ‘reading’ until you locate the information that you have forgotten…i suggested flashing/attaching an image or a feeling to the top corners of each page as they read in order for better memory catalog and ease of relocation of information. They just stared at me :D.

  3. Thanks for the great article. I learned about speed reading about 3 years ago. After thinking it was all taboo, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and give it a shot. I am a much faster reader now and have learned to become passionate about reading again.

    I have experimented with a couple of different programs and definately saw an improvement as a result of them. The one I saw the most improvment with was the eyeQ speed reading program.

  4. Great information! Thank you, Sid.

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