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Ego is the center of consciousness. It is the subject of consciousness. It is made up of inherited character, disposition, and through subconsciously learned impressions. As we develop ego-consciousness, we think we know ourselves fully. In fact, the ego only knows its own content, not the content of the subconscious. This aspect of psyche is largely hidden from us. It’s similar to our knowledge of our physical being- we know when we feel good, or bad, but we don’t know much of our inner physical systems or workings.

The ego is the center of the conscious mind: our conscious perceptions, memories, thoughts, and feelings. It is the gatekeeper to consciousness. Until the ego acknowledges an idea, feeling, memory or perception, it can’t be brought into awareness. The ego is selective- it receives much material, but only lets a bit reach awareness. The ego provides identity and continuity for a personality. This is due to the selective nature of what the ego allows us to perceive. It is the ego, working through individuation that allows our personality to become coherent- consistent and recognizable.

The ego determines much of what is allowed in thanks to the dominant function .If you are primarily a feeling type, the ego will allow more emotional experiences in. If you are a thinking type, the ego will allow more thoughts into consciousness. It is also determined by how much anxiety the material provokes. Obviously it is to the ego’s benefit to keep us functioning reasonably well. Anxiety-provoking memories or thoughts will often be repressed out of consciousness.

It also has to do with the level of individuation the person has achieved. More individuated people can look at more things and manage the intensity of the experience. And some experiences are simply too intense to be denied. They can batter their way past all defenses to force confrontation. This may force a complete reordering of the personality in the face of dramatic change or trauma.

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  1. Walt,

    I agree the left brain does block the flow of the right brain causing major conflicts in determining our identity…”but you can fool some of the people all the time,and all the people some of time,but you can’t fool all the people all the time”…and “the truth shall make you free”…the left brain has the seeds of self destruction and hopefully will remove its blocking efforts so as to quietly listen to the right brain’s wisdom.


  2. Hi sid,
    I’m a little reluctant to comment because my views are seen as attackative or over intellectualization when I view that they are observations with what I think about them. However the idea of the doorman (I use my words, that way they mean what I intend them to mean, no more, no less) – mad hatter is important. the key to the doorman’s operation is relevancy. IE a concept must be relevant to dealing with the world to be processed by the left mind. I feel that the majority of emotional problems, not attributable to a physiological cause, are the result of the right mind being shut down by imprinting, religion or other dogma. I view the right mind as a countercheck who’s output must be not-inconsistent with the left mind. simply put, it’s a bullshit detector (among other things), and the wires have been cut. when the alarm has been ignored for too long the person develops emotional problems. the right mind says

    “we got a problem” the left mind says “shut up”

    we’ll see if this gets posted.


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