“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” ~Albert Einstein

Perhaps the most interesting and curious experience created by our conscious mind is the belief we have a separate self which controls and manages our decisions and choices…it is therefore a surprise that neuroscience has now found our decisions and choices occur before we are conscious of them…actually these decision develop in our subconscious mind where it spontaneously flows up to our awareness..

Our conscious mind is not a separate entity as we assume nor our true identity but instead a simple focal point of the vast intelligence of our subconscious mind which dominates our conscious awareness…the independent and controlling self that we believe exist within our conscious mind is an illusion …and this false belief has major consequences to the human experience.

Our illusory and separate conscious self mistakenly tries to take on the responsibility of judging and controlling the spontaneous and continuous flow of our subconscious mind by attempting to change it consistent with its values and beliefs…all of which often creates severe conflict and stress….the irony is that the belief of having a separate self is deeply embedded in our subconscious mind through continuous social conditioning and flows up to our conscious mind along with all our thoughts and feelings and so creating the illusion of its real existence..

But why doesn’t this understanding remove this illusory belief once and for all….unfortunately intellectual understanding does not touch the illusion simply because the belief has become an emotional attachment similar to an addiction…as a result we need to go through a very painful disillusioning process with deep feeling of hopelessness and despair similar to the “rock bottom” of an addict before there is a complete surrender by realizing we have no control over our behavior and feelings…at that point we are open to directly experience the free flow of our miraculous subconscious mind.

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  1. Thanks for your comment!

    Today I started a blog called “Flow Therapy” and it is linked in the sidebar under Sid’s other sites…I hope it will reach some of the people going through this experience or who would like to explore it as a way of resolving personal problems.


  2. This is so helpful. I believe a lot of people are going through this. Great article.

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