Source:Your Flow

Looking at things that you love to do…How Do You Feel When You…

paint, cook, sculpt, sing, dance, write, speak, sew, take photos, ski, play tennis, climb mountains, run a marathon, teach yoga, teach a child to read, scrapbook, organize recipes, make jewelry, visit a nursing home, play an instrument, teach someone how to play an instrument, wash windows, design a garden, plant a garden, make bread, decorate a cake, mow the lawn, lead a humanitarian transformative activity, plant a tree, organize a space, knit, promote an artist or actor, design a theater set, write a play, walk a pet, design a playground, teach art to children, facilitate a support group, comfort a friend, set the table, arrange flowers, create a website, write a blog, detail a car, shop, cruise, dine, skate, swim, craft, or any one of thousands of things that are possibly your passion?

“Some find their passion early in life, others find it later. For some, their passion changes and evolves with them.”

If you find that this is true for you, re-visit these questions often as your journey evolves.

1.What would you like to spend most of your time doing?

2.What do you do, that while you are engaged in it, you feel energized and are enveloped in feelings that bring you peace, joy, comfort, and energy?

3.What are you hoping to be able to do ‘when you have the time?’

4.What do you think about doing when you notice that there will be time available at some point in the future?

5.What are you doing when you feel that time is flying by?

6.What do you think about first thing in the morning or during brief moments of peace during your day?

7.When you were a child, what activity did you enjoy the most?

8.When you were a child, did you have a favorite game?

9.What was your favorite song, your favorite book, or favorite creative activity.

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