Recently,one of my friends referred to the saying”thinking outside the box”…it is an expression frequently used in the business world meaning to look at a problem in a new way trying to find an innovative and creative solution to a problem unresponsive to “conventional thinking”.

Our conscious mind identifies with the logic of words and rules directing our thinking toward conventional boxes….in comparison our subconscious loves images and imagination and so it tends to function largely outside the box…a good example of this are our nightly dreams which are so far outside the box they can not be understood by our rational conscious mind….creative thinking is characteristic of our subconscious while conventional thinking is the way of the rational conscious mind.

The first step in finding a new answer is to recognize that the conventional solution will not work and therefore we need to begin an emotionally intense search for an alternative answer…it is important that the search be emotionally intense since that is the only way a message can be sent to the feeling subconscious in order for it to begin work in finding a creative solution….the subconscious will not give us the answer while we are struggling with the problem

Instead it is only after we are exhausted with the search and give it up as futile does the subconscious offer its solution…just as we needed to have an emotionally intense search to begin the subconscious process,we also need to let go by relaxing our search(entering into an alpha wave state) before the subconscious will communicate its answer to our conscious mind

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  1. Wise Woman…This expression has become popular in the American business community as a result of our losing the economic edge in the World economy…it is our hope that innovation and creativity will make us leaders in new product demands from foreign countries…the process I described is perhaps a complicated explanation of the basic creative process and the importance of both the conscious and subconscious cooperatively fulfilling this very desirable process…Wise Man

  2. Carol…mental wave lengths occur in cycles like everything else in Nature however some people may be able to experience more alpha waves than others…this was found among Buddhist monks in a study using EEG measurements…Sid

  3. Hmm, interesting. I made the mistake of thinking that the expression is “thinking out of the box.” This gives a completely differently meaning to the expression, such as not wanting to be pigeonholed, etc. Wikipedia gave an explanation and an excellent puzzle on why the expression is “outside the box.” The link is:

  4. What happens if a person is always in alpha wave?

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