Source: Illusion of Causality

A causes B causes C.

Is that how things work in the world?

From the perspective of the ego in linear time, this is the way events seem to unfold. In truth, this is actually an illusion. The reality is that there is only one time: Now.

This domino effect is the basis of our legal systems, for now we can decide who is at fault based upon the fact that they “caused” such and such to happen.

The truth is, nothing can cause anything else to happen. The cause of anything is the totality of the universe expressing itself throughout time.

Is the metaphorical straw that broke the camel’s back literally what broke its back? Or was it simply one of many influences that, in conjunction, created the likely possibility for the camel’s back to be broken?

Mankind can certainly influence something to happen and spur on its creation, but it can not be the root cause that guarantees anything will happen.

For example:

Causality is like planting a seed and then yelling at the seed, threatening to twist its little chlorophyll-filled arm, uproot it, and kick it across the yard if it doesn’t grow soon enough. You’re basically trying to force your will upon something and cause it to evolve in the direction you desire. This is a display of force.

On the other hand, there is a process directly counter to the process of causality. This process is called Creation. Creation says to plant the seed and nurture it. Give it life-supporting ingredients which provide the necessary conditions for the seed to grow into a plant BY ITSELF. Instead of trying to force the seed to do something, you empower it to grow on its own, at its own pace, in its own perfect time. This is a display of power.

Now, what exactly is the difference? On one hand, you associate your desire (the seed growing) with life-destructive energies, ie. threat, violence, anger, impatience. On the other hand, you associate your desire with life-giving energies such as nurturing love, patience, support, trust. There is a recognition that the seed was created right from the start with all the knowledge necessary for it to grow into a big, strong plant. Your role is not to literally cause it to grow, but to simply do your part in creating the appropriate conditions for Creation to unfold on its own from potentiality to actuality.

So really, the Law of Attraction is not about forcing the universe to give you what you want by following some recipe given by whomever. It’s simply a way to associate your desires with energies that are in alignment with your higher being. You create the conditions necessary for the desire to make itself manifest. You’re not the one CAUSING it to manifest.

The future is nothing but a set of potentials. Every possible future already exists, Now. You don’t cause one future or the other to happen, though the ego would like to believe it can. The ego loves to play God. Rather, you Create your choice of future by associating what you want with an energy level conducive to its unfoldment and manifestation.

Science is also beginning to showing this reality to be the case. We are discovering, through the study of quantum physics, that there are many different possible realities and that which reality is chosen is not so much a guarantee as long as A, B, and C happen, but merely a certain probability or likelihood that a certain outcome will unfold.

So we see that our role in the universe is not to be the root cause of anything or to literally control anything. We are creators and co-creators. It is up to us to select among the wide array of infinite future potentials and allow the universe to make it happen while we sit back from a place of nonattachment and enjoy the process of creation to unfold before our eyes.

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  1. I especially like this because I write about astrology. Would you mind if I quoted a sentence from this article? I would give attribution and a link to this page.

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