“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe … We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness.~Albert Einstein

When Oriental religions describe liberation as facing emptiness and the void or no-thing, it is simply expressing the awareness that nouns are really nonexistent and we are only part of an infinite interrelated and interdependent but intelligent flow of energy…there are no objects so time and space doesn’t exist ….and there is no self only self-ing, no observer only observing, no thinker only thinking and we could give such examples indefinitely…. all of which is consistent with scientific quantum theory but such insights as yet have not trickled down to our conventional society.

Perhaps the most significant noun for humans is the concept of being a separate self, which if taken literally becomes a source of deep conflict with the nature of life and can cause unlimited suffering and destruction….our languages clearly state the assumed importance of nouns and as a result this assumption is deeply embedded in our consciousness from early childhood.

Most indigenous cultures use languages that are verb oriented and therefore feel a close relatedness to their environment along with a spiritual feeling toward Nature…this is also true to some extent of agrarian societies who worked the land as a way of surviving…however with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution people began gravitating to the cities and changing their relationship to their natural roots resulting in growing importance and arrogance of a separate self… this development moved people to feel more intelligent than Nature which motivated them to exploit the environment for their own uses.

But the day of reckoning may not be far away as we are threatened by many global problems including weapons of mass destruction and a disasterous climate crises….there are many searching for answers to this tragic feeling of alienation…and a good starting point may be to examine our delusional language with its delusional nouns supporting our delusional self.

“The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self”.~Albert Einstein

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  1. Thank you for this theory of ourself. It made me really open up my self awarness. Evan

  2. Ron…I feel a deep focus on process or verbs automatically creates a feeling of relatedness and oneness through our perceptions…Sid

  3. Sid,
    Thanks much for these deeply insightful observations.
    I agree with your opinions about life as a process.

    Naming is mind designating, describing, and limiting:
    the Indescribable;
    the Illimitable;
    the Infinite


  4. Hi Mr Sid,
    I had a thought on what might be happening, delete this if you think it is in the wrong place, but I want your thoughts on this.

  5. Larry…my source of the noun/verb process came from David Bohm who tried to develop a language which was exclusively verbs…he called it “rheomode” but it never took off…I find the computer an extraordinary tool of exploring ideas…I find if I think of something I feel is original or unique,but researching the Internet reveals many others have similar thoughts…basically thinking is a social process in that our brain is a receiver of information and then digest it similar to the stomach digesting food…it is it largely a subconscious process without thinker or stomacher…Sid

  6. The noun/verb dichotomy is yet another way to express the two sides of our nature, which roughly coincide with the left/right brain functions. It is interesting that these insights are coming in from so many varied sources. I don’t know if the world is really changing or we just have better access to other minds. Time will tell.

  7. Hi Larry….Sorry I wasn’t able to respond sooner as I was out of town today…thanks for your thought provoking comment.

    I wonder if we can’t integrate both noun and verb consciousness as 2 sides of a complimentary process similar to the left / right brain…the left brain as being the noun orientation and the right brain as being the verb orientation….and the problem is we are dominated by our one sided noun orientation as the only reality…and the change needed is to expand our consciousness to include and embrace the profoundly spiritual verb orientation.


  8. “A kind of optical delusion of consciousness.” is not as simple as saying we use nouns instead of verbs. This use of nouns is an effect resulting from more fundamental causes.

    The conditioning or socialization process is where we learn to elevate language to a place where it can control our lives completely. Our “self” becomes an inner matrix of thought/feeling linkages. These linkages become our world and the immediacy of sensory awareness (the child’s world) becomes repressed.

    The spiritual life or “being in the moment” cannot flower until these thought/feeling linkages can be shattered. Traditional therapy says we can unhook a few of these linkages (the one’s that really bother us) but we shouldn’t dismantle the whole thing, less we become disconnected from society.

    These linkages tend to create groups of individuals which share a similar internal matrix. But the insidious effect is that we feel separate due to our unique matrix. The only recourse is to seek out others with a compatible matrix. The world is separated by cultures, and individuals are further separated to the degree they internalize their culture’s (and parental) conditioning.The solution is not to have a global common internalized matrix in order to feel a connection, but to purge the inner matrix in order to experience our innate nature in its fullest. When we have purged our inner matrix we are left with our basic sensory equipment as primary, and thought becomes a functional skill rather than a psychological tool of control.

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