The Limbic System sometimes called the “emotional brain” or “Old Mammalian Brain” is the part of the brain to have evolved in the more primitive mammals about 150 million years ago. This is where our emotions reside, where memory begins and where these two functions combine together to mark behaviours with positive or negative feelings. It’s where mostly subconscious beliefs and value judgements are formed . Information going through the Limbic System are filed under “agreeable or disagreeable”. It also plays a role in salience (what grabs your attention), spontaneity and creativity.

Our subconscious mind is ruled by our Limbic System, mainly our Amygdala and Hippocampus, and controls habits , feelings, and intuition, while our conscious mind dominates our logic, language, sense of order, math, and deductive logic.

This part of our brain seems to like nothing more than being a non-thinking but an incredibly capable computer which never forgets. The subconscious mind seems to view all emotion simply as its operating “facts” – just associated items in its database of information. It is only doing its job…constantly serving up what has been programmed into it. It doesn’t seem to care about grey areas.

Everything to the subconscious is cut and dried, black and white, and it will always give the same emotionally charged (plus or minus) answer to the same association until its programming or input is changed. That’s because it uses “inductive reasoning” — giving you a picture of reality based on what has been programmed into it

Our subconscious follows the behavior with the strongest emotional-payoff. Fun must trump logic and order is a fact, but doesn’t mean we do not work or study. It does mean we are frequently in a battle for dominance between our subconscious and conscious minds.

When you make an important decision, is it based on logic and reasoning, weighing and evaluating the pros and cons – or is it emotional?

Our subconscious mind, the seat of our Limbic System and our emotions, is a deciding factor in all decision-making. “Denial” is not just a river in Egypt, we deny our emotional bent and insist we are cool, logic-organized reasoners. In psychological studies not even 10% of all decisions are “wholely” logically.

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