Source: Letting Go

‘Transcendent Flow’ arises from a willingness to be non-resistant to whatever is happening around us, to be in a state of ‘receiving’ instead of planning……listening to our intuition instead of our ‘rational, thinking mind’ and letting this inner knowing interpret and use everything that arises for it’s own ends… our best interests.

This is a very subtle but incredibly powerful change of perspective. Instead of resisting what we don’t want – the interruptions and distraction we ‘label’ bad and have decided are the cause of our lack of ease and productivity……we simply and gently let our attention rest on what we do want and be open to seeing how everything that comes along can serve us. Now I can imagine what you are thinking… and it’s easy to dismiss this idea as outrageously impractical when you consider the idea of being unresistant to the fire-hose of distractions that we normally try and avoid; but if you do allow yourself to focus only on what you do want…i.e. be willing to ‘follow your bliss’, then any ‘distractions’, ‘interruptions’ or ‘problems’ that do arise you will begin to see in a new light…. as a gift. You will begin to see what you previously thought of as unwelcome things, in one of two ways:

1.You will see this thing as something that is unexpectedly useful to your cause

2.You will be aware of an issue from the past that has kept repeating itself but this time you also see your own part in bringing it about. You will recognise something you have become attached to or some old habit that no longer serves you and holds you back; and in this new light you will now have the opportunity to learn from it. This very act of learning from it, ‘receiving the message’ so to speak, is what lets it go.

What we find is that what we feed with our attention grows to the exclusion of all else; and so by gently redirecting our attention to what makes us happy, what happens around us supports us in that; and then this awareness and present focus brings us naturally into the flow state. We did nothing to make it happen but we did allow it to happen, and this makes all the difference. I know this is a difficult concept for our intellect to grasp so instead of trying to understand this at a rational level, I think the best way to approach this alternative ‘way of being’ is go at it crabwise….simply by trying it and then pay attention to the results.

To recap: When our attention is directed towards getting rid of interruptions, hassles or problems that is what we tend to get more of. When we focus on what we want, and hold a trusting openness to receive, then that is how it must be. It is us that determines the quality of our experiences by what we choose to feed with our attention. Sounds too simplistic and easy doesn’t it? We’ll that is exactly our problem – we are so indoctrinated with the idea of the need for effort and ‘paying our dues’ that we have become almost incapable of recognising a gift horse when we see one.

Once trust grows in our inner knowing and we start to relax into this feeling of Flow that comes from within, the miraculous luck, joy and ease that comes our way we create without any conscious planning is amazing. And all simply by allowing our attention to rest on whatever is here and trusting inspiration to lead the way.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Sid.

  2. Carol…I am delighted in some small way I am helpful !…please give credit to the Source link below picture…Sid

  3. What you said about understanding this concept came true for me today, though I read this when you first published it.

    Afterwards, too:

    I had started writing an article which seemed to turn out what I call gobelty gook, and now I understand what I was talking about, as well, lol.

    I wonder if you would mind me quoting a sentence or two with attribution?

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