Source: Origin Of Halloween

The Origin of Halloween originated in the Celtic Festival of Darkness and Mystical Light

Celebrated at the beginning of November, the Celtic Festival of Samhain (Halloween) marked the coming of the winter months, with their dimming light and heightening darkness.

Halloween was, consequently, a festival of deepening darkness and budding light. It was a meeting place between two opposites – the winter and the summer, the dark and the light, death and life. As such, the festival contained both aspects of existence – although the darkness, increasing at this time, was more profuse and substantial.

On Halloween, the forces of darkness or chaos returned to rule.It was also a time when the dead came back to roam the earth. This happened Animated_Skeleton4because the normal order no longer applied, and hence the boundaries of the otherworld were broken. Freed from the rules that clearly separate one world from the next, the dead returned to visit the living. They were welcomed at ritual feasts where, they were “actually” present. It was this custom of honoring the dead that made the Catholic Church adopt the date of 1st and 2nd of November as the Day of the Saints and Day of the Departed.

If Halloween was a dreaded time when rules were broken and demons halloweenmoonroamed the earth, it was also a time when light was re-born. Halloween, was not a festival of the sun: the sun is in retreat in autumn. Instead, Halloween marked the birth of a mystical light – a light that may originate in the first ray of sun at dawn or the first lunar ray after the new moon.

This combination of darkness and light, fear and hope, order and chaos gave Halloween its particular coloring of a merry time of misbehaving. It was a festival where rules were briefly abolished and tension – whether communal, social, political or even psychological – could be released. It was also a time when new order was born – hence the competitions and games of worth that were practiced during this period. Figures of power were abolished and others replaced them; rules were destroyed and recreated.

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