We often use the term “gut feelings “, however these feelings don’t originate in the stomach but instead begins in the subconscious mind which sends its messages through the vagus nerve to the stomach….the feelings than travel throughout the nervous system and experienced by the whole body…Our conscious mind’s role is to interpret and translate the meaning of our feelings…the process makes a complete cycle and involves the total organism.

Those who can read body language will sense what we are experiencing….our feelings are usually transparent to observers…this can be embarrassing when we want our feelings hidden and our attempt to control body language only makes us more awkward…this is one of the reasons we may prefer communicating verbally since it doesn’t reveal as much body language.

When the subconscious mind receives incoming information, it compares and matches it with a store of similar past experiences…our past experiences are stored by images and our subconscious can rapidly match images in only 1/10 of a second!… It takes only a small amount of information to select a related image from our memory.

The subconscious is the seat of our feelings and images… when the subconscious reviews images of prior experiences, we not only visualize an image, but also experience the feelings attached to these images…our subconscious files its images by intensity of feelings.

The only way we can change images is by changing the intensity of feelings in our subconscious mind…the most important image of all is our self image….and the feelings we have about our self can only change when we accept our self image without judgement… the removal of self image judgements will reduce their emotional intensity and allow the images to fade into the background of our memory.

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