A strange fact about the human condition is that each of us is always watching our own internal movie. Whether it is a vivid, ultra-detailed film, or a misty, shadowy one with chattery commotion going on vaguely in the background, this film is all there is in our experience, no matter where we go or what we do

We cannot be simultaneously aware of everything that exists in the universe, or even of everything that exists in our self or its immediate surroundings …and therefore the subconscious mind is our primary processor of the vast information it receives…the subconscious mind is 2,000 times faster than our very slow conscious mind…and the subconscious selects and processes all the information so it can be received and understood by our conscious mind.

Scientific experiments have shown that our subconscious decides what we will do before “we” are even aware of the decision.

There is no self watching the movie but instead there is only watching…the conscious mind watches without a watcher …and this is also true of feelings without a feeler…and thinking without a thinker…it all spontaneously FLOWS up automatically from the subconscious mind which assumes the role of producer and director of our movie.

Each of us feels that our conscious self is truly more substantial than just a bit of activity in the subconscious mind. We feel an inexpressibly profound conviction that not only is our conscious self real but it is in fact more real than everything else.

We feel that the world itself could possibly be an illusion, but that the illusory conscious self viewing the movie, must be utterly real and inextinguishable (“I think, therefore I am”). It is no wonder many people find themselves believing in an indestructible soul.

The conscious self feels that it is in command, but that assumption is only its illusion. The self is only a figment or side effect of subconscious activity. Consciousness is only a very small window of the vast subconscious mind.

The subconscious is much more intimately connected to the world as a whole, and to the essence of other people than conscious awareness could ever be …to see this would be quite an awakening.

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