We have all experienced guilt feelings…but the problem of guilt may be a price we pay for our illusion of being a separate self who should be in control of our behavior…guilt feelings appears to be a result of violating some social moral code…therefore it did not originate from our self but was part of our social conditioning…and when we violate this code we should feel guilty and experience its pain as punishment.

But looking deeper we may find that the guilty event itself did not originate from us either…our actions are usually from subconscious and outside sources unknown to us… but we judge our action as inexcusable by the limited awareness of our self conscious mind…the illusion that we can choose and control our behavior now needs to be questioned and re-evaluated based on new scientific evidence that there is no-self but only an interrelated human pattern of social energy… this is a message made by sages since ancient times…there is no single individual person… instead we are an integral part of a human society in which all parts are interdependent flowing together as one.

Guilt’s source is more social than personal… there cannot be one person in a society who is guilty since the so called guilt is an interrelated activity within the total society…the seeds of guilt have been planted when the society establishes morale codes and expectation standards…we all have been influenced by infinite factors in our society, such as family, education, church, media, etc, which has determined our behavior but there is no way we can decide which factors caused what behaviour…it is our tendency to try to separate and define the innocent and guilty along with the personal and social not realizing they are ONE process which appears to be the real source of our problem.

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