Meditation is a transcendence of all identities~ Osho

Neuroscientist Andrew Newberg at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine… perhaps the nation’s leading expert on the biological basis for religious experience….describes subjects of his brain scans who have been nuns at prayer, Buddhist monks during meditation, Pentecostals speaking in tongues and entranced Brazilian mystics who write out messages from the other side. These subjects have little in common theologically. But the activity of the brain during intense religious experiences is often (though not always) similar.

He found that their parietal lobes …which ground us in time and space…and when these lobes are less active the subjects were in a state described as a sense of timelessness, a suspension of self, a feeling of bliss and oneness with the universe.

It is not religion but the physical basis for the feeling of transcendence. Meditation appears to heighten this experience over time. But it can also come in milder degrees through rituals of communal worship — smelling incense, drinking wine, viewing images such as the cross, repeating words, standing, sitting, singing in unison. Or this sense of oneness can be encouraged through the secular rituals of the military — drumming, walking in cadence, a strict and rhythmic schedule. “All these stimuli have an impact on the brain,”

In a separate study at the University of Missouri, it was also found people with injuries to the right parietal lobe of the brain reported higher levels of spiritual experiences, such as transcendence.

2 Responses

  1. Ron….I believe the less energy in one area of the brain can result in more energy in the transcendence area of the brain…this is only an assumption on my part….what is important is neuroscience may open the door for everyone to experience transcendence using a scientific method.

  2. Very interesting! Thank you!

    It seems paradoxical that the slower our brain waives, the higher our consciousness.

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