“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it” ~Albert Einstein

The universe expresses itself in an interrelated oneness. Space and time are only projections within this oneness. It is a universe in which there is no-thing but everything, no-self but every self, no-where but everywhere, no-time but the “here and now”. We are all existing together in a singular oneness…..and there is no such thing as a personal or individual problem…it is simply an interactive happening from our connectedness with the social and universal flow…and as a result the problem happens to no-one…everything is just an happening without a cause and effect or anyone in control.

We are all members of the same body. When one part of the body moves, every other part is instantly affected. Separation is an illusion. There is a dimension of reality where we are all inseparably one.

Quantum mechanics has shown that under certain circumstances when two electrons collide, they exchange energy and information with each other. From then onwards, no matter where one electron is, it will be able to tell the location and momentum of the other. When a change occurs in one electron, it will immediately be reflected in the other. We subconsciously also are able to know what is going on in others. When we cause change within, we cause change in others. We exchange portions of our energy fields with each other when we come into contact… therefore we remain inseparably connected at all times.

Imagine the universe as an ocean and each of us is a wave in that ocean. The wave and the ocean are the same. We are the universe localized in a single point in space-time. Our mind has two parts, one local and the other non-local. The part which is non-local, is connected to everything. Most of our thoughts, wishes and desires are the interaction of social and universal environment.

Whenever we look at a object, they are in fact, nothing more or less than an arrangement of energy, but the energy is changed to an object by the imaginative processes of our subconcious mind…the observer and object are one…without our observation the object does not exist . Therefore we create our own experience. Everything is possible because everything exists within us. The same unbounded potential of universal intelligence also resides in each and every one of us.

The outer world is a mirror of our self at any place and time. If we want to know the state of our personal consciousness, just look around and see what is happening in the collective consciousness of our social world. If a critical mass of people find a higher awareness, this would cause a transformation in the collective consciousness….and every time one person rises in their personal consciousness, they move the state of collective consciousness toward a higher level.

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