Our languages tend to be highly noun-oriented with a separate self or ego being at the center of life. By contrast, quantum theory demands a flow-oriented approach, a verb-based language that emphasizes flow, movement and constant transformation.

Western science had reached the end of linear thought and finally understands the universe is a living, conscious, interconnected organism.Most significantly, the essence of our as being a separate self is now in question…it would be more accurate to describe our self as a flowing self interacting in a flowing universe.

This isn’t easy or simple. Our disconnect from one another, from ourselves and from the natural world is embedded in the Western languages, which break the world into millions of discrete, manipulable pieces, called nouns. Westerners control reality through language, but they don’t evoke it. Indigenous languages in contrast are verb-based, intrinsically linking speaker and object in a “flow” of motion that cannot be linguistically sliced and diced.

Quantum and Relativity theories agree in describing the world as an undivided whole in constant flow in which all parts of the universe are constantly interacting.. The universe is characterized by a flow that integrates everything: separate forms are the equivalent of a still photograph of an object in motion. It turns out that we perceive the flow of reality through those static images.. As example, what goes on in our mind is really a flow of consciousness, rather than coming from a separate thinker. Thought is simply a flow process , and concepts are invented objects.

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  1. Thanks Ron for your very supportive comments.

    The theme “life is a verb” is key in my current thinking….and that we are simply an interactive and interrelated energy within a universal (spiritual) intelligence….complicated by the illusion of being a separate self in control of our actions that is emotionally imprinted within us being the source of our problems…the development of these ideas require an unconventional and lonely trip with little expectations of social approval or understanding.


  2. Excellent post.

    Nothing is permanent ‘neath Heaven’s vast firmament. Yet we have been spell-bound by language and perception to believe ourselves separate subjects in an “objective” world. Acting on such illusionary belief, until now we have been despoiling our precious planet. But this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and we are about to reach critical mass of higher consciousness which will resolve our critical mess arising from the separate subject-object illusion.

  3. I love this site! So glad I stumbled upon it tonight. It’s refreshing to find one that stimulates the brain and stretches the mind. I appreciate the inspiration. I’ll be back

  4. A point of reference is necessary for skiing if one is to make it to the bottom without injury. But if one can remove all points of reference then one can “experience” quite a liberation. That is, if you can let go of the fear of having no anchor, no self or ego grounding the experience, then a shift of consciousness can take place. A safe place with a great expanse (and no relevant points of reference) can provide a conducive environment.

  5. Pam…I always felt you were a fast mover !…hope all is going well…Sid

  6. Even though we are moving 10.000 miles/hour movement seems so slow. Maybe because there is nothing to compare? A point of reference on how fast we are moving through space. When I ski in places that have no trees, something similar happens: everything looks ‘white’, and I feel dizzy. Add a little fog, and I get sick. Perception through my eyes gets altered, I dont know how fast I am going and only gravity works for reference.
    Much Love

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