The first point of wisdom is to discern what is false, the second to know what is true. – Lactantius

We often talk about wisdom but are usually uncertain as to what it means…it is very difficult to  define or how to obtain wisdom…perhaps it easier to for us to begin examining what may be false or an illusion…

Science has now helped us understand that the whole universe is interconnected and not as we assumed made up of separate pieces…most importantly the illusion of having a separate personal self with its own story is a falsehood…which leads us to wonder if those who see through this illusion have taken a major step in finding wisdom.

However it is not very helpful to understand this concept intellectually but instead we need personal insight which can change our perception toward a truer identity…this insight comes from a deeper source than our conscious mind…it is a revelation coming from our more intelligent subconscious mind… it is not accidental that this insight has happened but instead has occurred by a passionate search for answers to a problematic personal self…the subconscious responds to intense emotions and works unceasingly to offer its findings in the form of insight.

The subconscious most valuable tools are both intuition and imagination and when motivated by intense curiosity are capable of perceiving many interconnections beyond the ability of the conscious mind… this capacity of seeing the “large picture” is what is known as wisdom…and it can be continuously developed over a lifetime and still only scratch the surface of all the possible interconnections.

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom; the music is nothing if the audience is deaf”. ~Walter Lippmann

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