“The common denominator of living is the great equalizer.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

When I was in the 5th grade we were taught fractions which seemed very complicated particularly when adding or subtracting them because it required finding the lowest common denominator…it involved a process of thinking and playing with numbers until we found a number which could be divided by each numerator…this is a difficult task for a young mind and it took a long time for me to master.

However when it became easy, I began to realize it was a truly remarkable tool sensing there was something magical about it…which lead me to wonder if it might be useful in understanding more of life’s problems……and began to question whether there may only be one common denominator and everything we know in life shares some aspect of this one common denominator.

It is easier for us to identify with things or numerators and ignore the large picture or common denominator as if it didn’t exist…hence we see the world as separate things while blind to their interrelatedness and to their all important commonality and interdependency….yes, we are connected to the sun and the moon, the trees and the grass plus many other aspects of life unknown to us …our conscious mind tends to superficially perceive separations, however our subconscious mind which is more closely related to nature’s process senses the oneness of life….and expresses it primarily through intuition and imagination…it most likely comes to awareness when our conscious mind is in a state of relaxation or has forgotten about the personal self.

The ability to perceive the large picture and interrelationships is the basis of wisdom, insight and creativity…it is hardly a potential that we want to ignore or deny.

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