“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

The experience of feeling trapped is common among everyone at one time another…we could be trapped by an unhappy job or a disagreeable boss…some are trapped within a stressful family or marital relationship…others by financial debt or by an addictive habit…and the more we try to escape the trap the more painful it becomes…what are the possibilities of freeing our self from such traps or even transcending them ?

Paradoxically, we are usually trapped because of a need to escape or resist the trap…it is our assumption we should be in control of our life and move in any direction we want…the trap is a clear message we are not in control or have a “free will” as generally believed in our society.

We can invest all of our energy and determination to be free but of no avail…however there can be a moment of complete exhaustion when we give up, accept the trap, and much to our surprise the trap suddenly vanishes….the trap turned out be nothing more than an intense effort to control and resist the problem…when we are free of the judgements and goals of the trap, we are than free to look around for the many alternative decisions to which we were blind while we were totally focused on the dilemma of being in a trap.

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