Quantum mechanics describes everything we do has an effect on the world and call this process the “butterfly effect”…it includes how helpless we are personally in changing anything although we do have an effect on everything… the “butterfly effect” occurs in ways beyond our awareness and comprehension….it is the best known explanation of our being interrelated and interdependent with everything in the world..by projecting the big picture it helps us understand the creative intelligence of the universe in which we are all active but subconscious players.

If I sneeze – will that affect the future? Yes it will. The fact that you are reading this blog right now instead of doing anything else is affecting the future in profound ways. Because of your decision – everyone in the future will be different people than they would have been had you made a different choice.

Let us look at the example of the moment of conception when you have hundreds of millions of sperm heading for a single egg and only one of those sperm gets to be the one who carries half the DNA for the new person. What would happen if a different sperm fertilized that egg when you were conceived? Would you still be born? Nope! The person who would be born would no more be you than your brother or sister.You wouldn’t exist and someone else would be born in your place – assuming your mother even got pregnant at all.

For you to have been conceived – trillions of events had to occur exactly the way it did. Otherwise – you wouldn’t be here.For you to have been conceived – everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – had to happen exactly the way it did. If your father had started 1/4 second earlier or later, had the temperature been 1/2 degree warmer, had any random noise occurred other than the random noises that did happen – even change of what your parents were thinking about – and you cease to exist. In fact – what your parent had to eat and drink a week before and what they watched on TV was enough to change events just enough that a different sperm would have been the one to make you exist. The moment of conception is extremely sensitive to initial condition.

And – of course this doesn’t apply to just you – it applies to everybody. For any of us to have been born, everything at the moment of conception had to happen exactly the way it did or we wouldn’t be here. And it also applies to all our ancestors. Our parents, their parents, all the way back to the beginning of life on Earth. If any event happened differently than it did – no one who is alive today would exist. If you went back far enough – the human race might cease to exist but for the air passing over the wings of some prehistoric butterfly.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~John Lennon

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