“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate” ~ Carl Jung

Much of our conscious awareness originates from our subconscious mind… we assume our conscious mind is making all our decisions, but surprisingly our decisions are usually made by our subconscious mind and this is also true of our thoughts and feelings….our subconscious does most of the work through its ability to process a vast memory and information system more than a thousand times faster than our conscious mind…it then selects and flows to our conscious awareness that which is most consistent with our subconscious programming.

Deeply embedded in our belief system is the assumption we are an independent agent with a “free will” who can make our own choices as to who we can be….but it appears our social programming has a lot more to say about what happens to us than we realize….perhaps the most significant factor in our programming is the belief in an autonomous self functioning independently in social roles and expectations.

Our subconscious mind is also endowed with biological programming which begins developing within us from the period of conception and becomes most dominant during our early childhood….we all know that “golden” stage of life filled with all the magic and fascination of being part of a world beyond description…however as the child grows older, particularly when entering school, the social programming is usually downloaded and as a result takes on the dominant subconscious program.

Unfortunately, the child’s biological programming when entering school could be just as easily developed and with vastly greater results…all the biological powers of imagination, intuition, creativity, curiosity have unlimited potential and can grow throughout a life time…hopefully we will see this change in future generations.

“The only thing to interfere with my learning is my education” ~ Albert Einstein

2 Responses

  1. I just found this website now, and I read this article. I like it. Especially the saying of Carl Jung: “Until you make the unconscious conscious,
    it will direct your life and you will call it fate” ~ Carl Jung.

    I think that the unconscious mind is fully conscious, even though I still don’t know how does that work. How can it be conscious and unconscious at the same time? That is the question.

    Anyway, great article.

    Thank you.

  2. I think this is a great way for a lot of people to understand our minds.

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