Early in childhood we learn the need to be a judge of our own behavior… part of the learning process ranging from disapproval to punishment also includes a continuous reminder we need to be our own judge…therefore we are not only guilty of our actions but guilty of not having our own inner judge…gradually it is fully digested by the subconscious mind and than becomes ready to make a judgement at any time…adding to this complication, we adopt the social values and beliefs as our own .

We find our self in a continuous need to check with our inner judge whether our behavior is innocent or guilty…spontaneity is not to be trusted because who knows what may come out…some of our true feelings and thoughts are covered up when interacting with others…interestingly, social networking is a safe place because we share only verbal messages while the most important part of our communications , body language, is fully hidden.

Our inner judge holds court all day long and even deep into the night when our dreams often accuse us of being guilty without a rational or logical reason…there seems to be no escape other than the need to be very careful of what we do.

However if we look more deeply into the process we find the judge has no basis in reality but is only an adaptive social mechanism….and the only way to be free of our inner judge is by unconditionally accepting our self without judgement… when this happens, the judge dramatically disappears for it has no further function.

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