“There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.” ~J. Robert Oppenheimer

Just as the pupils of our eyes can expand and contract spontaneously depending on the light, our conscious awareness also has the ability of expanding and contracting depending on our need and desire…expanded consciousness occurs when we are in a state of deep relaxation which expands the door to our subconscious mind freeing many of its extraordinary qualities including creativity, imagination, and intuition…a baby is naturally in a state of expanded consciousness and can notice beauty and experience delight wherever it wanders being fully appreciative of the new, while in the “now”.

But as the child grows older, there is a narrowing of consciousness…the primary cause of this change is their growing awareness of having a separate self demanding their attention…in order to become an active member of the social environment we must pay attention to the activities of our self ..when entering school, our educational process is designed to focus on the importance of narrow consciousness through the accumulation of information…and the more we master these subjects it is believed, the better student we become…there is very little or no attention given to the valuable gifts of expanded awareness…Albert Einstein has said, “the only thing interfering with my learning is my education”.

We can enter a state of expanded consciousness when we are totally involved in an activity that captures our full attention ….at such a time we forget both our self and the sense of time…they are highly enjoyable experiences and our performance is usually excellent…and if this activity becomes a major part of our lifestyle, we feel very fortunate.

There is a more profound experience of expanded consciousness occurring when the self collapses…it seems to happen at a time when we are in a deep state of despair over the failure of our self…out of hopelessness and futility we finally give up the self in an act of surrender ….surprisingly, awareness suddenly changes into a dramatic state of expanded consciousness…it is a life changing event often described as a spiritual experience.

“Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will.”~ Baudelaire

3 Responses

  1. I think this is a wonderful insight, and very special message

  2. ask a child*

  3. Children develop also a sort of ability for abstraction with age! Before this they take things one step at a time, they enjoy the new, creativity, etc. Obviously, they become aware of the “surroundings” and while growing they become somehow inhibited rather than intrigued to explore. The main reason this happen is that most of the people around them have expectations from them, and being told to do all kind of things they don’t understand at that time is also an issue to take in account. Because if you say to a children: “study and you’ll be appreciated”, he cannot anticipate that, but he may follow your indications as parent and as person who wants his good. However, there are kids who refuse to do so because they have more of a self-freedom.
    And consciousness is something not everyone can perceive, in terms of understanding, exploring, aiming to find a purpose and have a healthy connection with the outside world.

    Very interesting article – made me think about so many things!

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