“If you always think what you always thought, you’ll always get what you always got.”~Gerald Haman

“Thinking outside the box”is an expression frequently used in the business world meaning to look at problems in a new way to find an innovative and creative solution to problems unresponsive to “conventional thinking”.

Our conscious mind identifies with the logic of words and rules directing our rational mind toward conventional boxes….in comparison, our intuition loves imagination and tends to function largely outside the box…a good example of this occurs in our nightly dreams which are so far outside the box they can not be understood by our rational mind….creative thinking is characteristic of our intuitive mind while conventional thinking is the way of the rational mind.

The first step in finding a new answer is to recognize that the conventional solution is not working and therefore we need to begin an emotionally intense search for an alternative answer…it is important that the search be emotionally intense for its the only way to energizes the intuitive mind to begin its work in finding a creative solution….our intuition will not give us the answer while we are struggling with the problem

Instead it is only after we are relaxed in our search does intuition offer its solution…just as we needed to have an emotionally intense search to energized the intuitive mind, we also need to let go by relaxing our search and so expanding the window of our intuitive mind allowing its answer to move into the conscious mind.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein