Without realizing it, most of the time we live in a personal trance…it occurs when our attention is narrowly focused on repetitive thoughts and preoccupations…and our trance is usually in the continuous preoccupation with a personal self…..such attention can feel like “tunnel vision”….however a personal trance can only exist within an imaginary perception of having a past and future….once we enter into the “here and now” we move out of a personal trance into the experience of expanded consciousness.

Society generally encourages us to be in a personal trance…interestingly, most of the time we are in a mass trance based on consensus reality. We subconsciously follow our cultural perception of reality in which we were introduced to during infancy….and these shades of limited perception exist from culture to culture.

A personal trance becomes problematic when we are stuck and unable to move into expanded consciousness…there is a role for a personal consciousness but we should be able to freely move into both contraction and expansion of consciousness depending on our needs.

One of the best way to be released from a personal trance is through a deep involvement in an activity which we are able to lose our self and the sense of time..