“And a little child will lead them.” ~ Isaiah 11:6,

Everyone has an inner child whether they know it or not…however, what is different within each person, is the age of their inner child…its age is based on the period of childhood which was the most emotionally intense either by happiness or sadness…our subconscious mind keeps a memory file of everything that happens in our life with the more emotionally intense experiences kept in the front of the file and most available to our conscious awareness.

Our inner child is the home of intuition,imagination,creativity and especially playfulness and fun…unfortunately society looks upon the inner child as the immature part of our personality…particularly in school where the inner child needs to be under control and learn lessons of little interest but they will be tested and judged on its successful achievement…in time, the child will believe the socially conditioned self is their true identity and tend to abandon awareness of their inner child…it a major decision having serious consequences throughout life.

The intuitive person identifies with the inner child as being the most important part of their personality…it possesses an awesome inner compass compared to the socially conditioned self…when enjoying the inner child it is important to protect it against abuse and pressure from outsiders…it doesn’t have the defense mechanisms of adults and quite vulnerable to criticism…the inner child does not communicate verbally but instead shares feelings which requires quiet and sensitive listening …nevertheless, it can be a great companion when we are alone…often it is better to follow rather than lead the inner child but with confidence wherever it takes us will be fun.