“If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

All living organisms have an inner compass which seems to be in harmony with our natural environment… humans have an intuitive compass which is on a higher level than other members of the animal kingdom… it includes extraordinary qualities such as imagination, creativity, and spiritual feelings….. When we follow the feelings of our intuitive compass, we experience a oneness both within and outside our self…and a spontaneity and effortlessness with whatever we are doing… It becomes our true identity which is quite different from our socially conditioned identity… Most importantly, our intuitive compass is interrelated and consistent with the universal compass… While our socially conditioned identity is limited to our social environment.

When in an activity originating from our intuitive compass, we lose awareness of our self and sense of time… Our intuitive compass functions best when we aren’t conscious of our self which allows our attention to be totally involved in the activity… If we are watching our self and the activity at the same time there is a loss of energy and spontaneity… It is important that we love what we choose to do….our intuitive compass usually points to what we love and helps us find our unique interests… It may appear at first that these interests have little social value but over time new doors may open up offering social rewards and reasons to continue and expand our special interests.

It is a big step to give up the values and expectations of social conditioning in exchange for a full awareness of our intuitive compass… Often it takes a deep failure of our socially conditioned identity (social compass) before we can give it up… It usually doesn’t happen through some intellectual understanding but requires an emotional experience which persuades us to let go… Over our lifetime we have been fed and digested most of our social beliefs and they are embedded deeply within both our mind and body… Thus the intellectual mind by itself cannot bring about the experience of transformation… The transformation does bring about a change of our identity from an outer social compass to an inner intuitive compass.