It is rare that we see society as a social organism similar to a physical organism such as a body and the environment around us… We are taught that each of us are separate persons moving in our own independent direction… this false assumption perhaps is the basis of most of our social conflict and feelings of alienation… Instead of cooperating as a social organism, we compete with each other and insensitive to other people’s needs… As we continue to be unaware of being part of a social organism our survival on earth is seriously threatened.

But if we look at other animal species, we are fascinated how they move together as an intelligent and integrated organism… The geese are a wonderful example of a social organism moving together in perfect harmony.

Each of us are born with an inner compass having intuitive feelings that doesn’t operate independently but can help us find our natural place in society… It is characteristic of organisms to seek harmony and avoid conflict within itself… It doesn’t have separate parts functioning independently doing its own thing… Humans for example have the same innate qualities of social harmony as the geese.

The belief of being a social organism was probably true among many indigenous cultures… However, our rational mind and its tendency to see everything as separate is simply an adaptive mechanism to raise the standard of living in a way that we can survive more comfortably… Reaching a comfortable living standard is now common which could allow us to explore human nature as a harmonious social organism and find our ecological place in nature and the univere.