“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ― Albert Einstein

.Children experience life as fun… Intuitively they are able to find those things that are fun… and They assume that their experience of fun will continue throughout life… Their activities involve play, imagination, curiosity, and creativity, all of which are characteristic of the intuitive mind… They are usually not confronted with the development of rational mind until they enter school… This adjustment is often difficult because the experience of fun and all of its activities are usually excluded from the classroom…

Most of our educational process ignores our intuitive inner child, which is our primary source of fun, and instead focuses on the importance of the rational mind with the belief it is the dominant intelligence needed to successfully adjust to society… The rational mind is a very effective tool in making children conform to social expectations along with their goals for which they will be judged as they face life experiences…

The experience of fun occurs in the “here and now” while the rational mind is concerned about our history and future… History is one of the important subjects at school and relates to a personal history within ourselves… All of this social conditioning creates a serious perception in the meaning of life… Play and fun is then considered a hobby or recreational activity secondary to working hard and taking serious responsibility for the success of our self and family members .

Generally it is not realized that fun is what gives life meaning… Often people will decide on their career based on income rather than its enjoyment and satisfaction… Our social values of financial success are often considered more important than doing what we enjoy… In making this compromise we lose much of life’s meaning believing that achieving social goals is the true path to happiness.

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  1. Thanks Sid! You’re truly a “hollow bamboo”!

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