“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it” ~ Albert Einstein

Strange as it may seem, our awareness flows spontaneously through us and not from us as commonly believed… This means our thoughts, feelings and imagination also flows through us through some unknown source.

The conventional belief is that everyone is a separate person capable of generating our own thoughts and feelings… But the idea of a separate person is no longer considered valid as explained by recent advances in the field of science.

Instead we all flow together with an interrelated, interdependent and unified intelligence which creates an infinite variety of unique personalities similar to that of each snowflake being different …if we can flow with the personality we have received and remove judgements and need to control, we will find the ability to move freely without any self consciousness…it will become clear there never was a separate self but instead a relatedness to an intelligence beyond our understanding…it is the discovery of our true roots and the feeling of being in complete harmony with life.

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