“Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge.”~Deepak Chopra

All living organisms have an inner guide, more commonly known as “instinct”, which seems to be in harmony with our natural environment… however humans have a higher level of “instinct” referred to as intuition…it includes extraordinary qualities such as imagination, creativity, and spiritual feelings…but most importantly it offers us a sense of guidance on leading our life.

Unfortunately, modern society believes each person is separate with an individual ability to control their destiny… As a result, we tend to ignore our special gifts of intuition and its ability to point in a direction most natural for us… Instead, we learn to identify with a socially conditioned self with its role-playing and stressful expectations.

We often feel a lack of authenticity along with a sense of alienation… And many search for a deeper meaning in life and there are some who rediscover the natural meaning of following their intuitive feelings …. It can bring about a radical change in our personality with a whole new set of values and openness to many enjoyable activities.

Often it takes a deep failure of our socially conditioned self before we can give it up… It usually doesn’t happen through some intellectual understanding but requires an emotional experience which persuades us to “let go”… Over our lifetime we havee digested many of our social beliefs and they are embedded deeply within our mind … Thus the intellectual mind by itself cannot bring about an experience of transformation… When a transformation occurs it does bring about a change of experiencing our self as dependent on a social guide to the freedom of following our inner intuitive guide.

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