“If you want your children to be smart read them fairy tales…and if you want your children to be more smart, read them more fairy tales.”~ Albert Einstein

Scientist now believe our brain imagines what we perceive in the environment, and they conclude we do not really know what exist beyond our own body…they also believe our perception of space and time are only more creations of our imagination.

It is easier to understand the quote “reality is an illusion” when it is stated “reality is imagination”… Buddhist believe life is a dream and awakening is the spiritual experience…Hinduism describes the material world as Maya illusion.

It is rather easy to understand that our “self image” is only an extension of our imagination…. but interestingly we accept our self image as our primary identity along with its imaginative personal story including past memories and future goals.

Shocking as it may seem, we could really be nothing more than imagination or a dream pretending to be a person…and there may be no one nor anything but imagination…

We tend to accept the social dream (American Dream) as reality…and many live their whole life within this dream box fearing if we move outside it, we will experience a disaster…and if we fail within our social dream box, we can experience life as a nightmare….the intuitive personality can see through the illusion of our imagined and socially conditioned boxes.

Freedom of our imagination is open to the spontaneous joys of flowing images and ideas as we well remembered during our childhood…it is the essence of playfulness and creativity…as Albert Einstein said, “Our imagination can take us everywhere”…. it is important to realize imagination does not move in a meaningless direction but instead our intuitive compass guides it along a very intelligent path.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” ~ Albert Einstein

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