Source: Discoveries Unlimited

In a psychological study published in 1968, Malcolm Westcott, outlined his findings on intuitive qualities in his book, “Toward a Contemporary Psychology of Intuition,”

Qualities associated with an intuitive personality
1. Creativity
2. Originality
3. Flexibility
4. Independent of judgment
5. Self assured
6. Highly motivated non-conformists, who tolerate ambiguity, change and uncertainty
7. Willing to risk looking foolish or being wrong

Intuitive personality also tend to be;
1. Unconventional and comfortable in their unconventionality
2. Confident
3. Self-sufficient (they didn’t base their identities on membership in a social group)
4. Emotionally involved in abstract issues, either in intellectual, academic terms or in human values
5. Willing to explore uncertainties and entertain doubts, and able to do so without fear
6. Willing to expose themselves to criticism and challenge
7. Willing to change in ways they deemed appropriate
8. Resistant to outside control and direction
9. Independent
10. Foresighted
11. Spontaneous

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  1. Thanks Pam…good hearing from you…my energies seem to wander away from my blog and facebook…but this typical of the true beachcomber hoping to find new adventures…I have always appreciated our friendship…

  2. Beachcomber:
    I hope you are doing good my friend,
    I love when you blog about my qualities!
    much love

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