My conversation with an artist

Artist …. Any thoughts on intuitive learning? Kids must be exceptional at this.

Sid Premak … Excellent question !…kids are naturally intuitive which has unlimited possibilities but instead school focuses on developing the rational mind…the reason is the rational mind will conform to society’s expectations…but the intuitive mind moves independently consistent with our inner feelings…this is a serious indictment of our educational system.

Artist  …very interesting, that Einstein quote of the intuitive gift and rational servant is ringing so true. The world would be a different place if both faculties were developed. life/nature does not seem to move or operate rationally. Much strife comes from control/clinging to it when it is operating independently from us.

Sid Premak  …Essentially, my blog is focused on encouraging intuition to be our primary identity while the rational mind becomes a secondary tool…a difficult task considering our social conditioning not only ignores intuition but gives its primary importance to our learned rational expectations..

Artist…. I hear you loud and clear, intuition as the main identity has been the main way I’ve been operating since crossing that bridge. Things have been much harmonious since, It took a bit to get used to getting directions from something that seemingly comes from a unidentified location and understanding things without words or a rational explanation of them. It is the illusion of control versus being caught up in it. Rational expectations can ruin the movie going experience greatly :D.

Sid Premak…  Our intuition belongs to the Universe while our rational mind belongs to a separate self…

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