“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~ Joseph Campbell

The intuitive personality are those who follow their own intuitive feelings in activities which are enjoyable to them without having any other purpose or goal beyond the enjoyment… It is activities which consume their attention in the “here and now” allowing them to often forget themselves and lose track of time.

They are relatively free from the expectations and goals of the social environment… If possible, they also seek work which is enjoyable to them while making financial factors secondary… They have come to realize that the meaning of life is through enjoying their own special interests… Which can only occur when free from the expectations and competition so important to be successful in society… Although their behavior is different, they do strive to live in harmony with others in the social environment.

An important part of the intuitive mind is its creative imagination… Since the intuitive personality does not conform to expected standards in society they are able to allow their imagination to flow beyond those who have identified with social goals… The freedom of imagination is perhaps the most enjoyable of all for it allows them to be frequently aware of novelty.

Boredom is not a problem to them even when they are alone but instead they have often realized their most creative time is when in a state of solitude and free from all the distractions of the social environment… However their creative imagination is able to participate in many social activities including family life and entertainments and being with others.

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  1. I am so happy I found you wonderful blog, so full of wisdom!
    Thank you!

  2. We are still in the infancy of understanding the mind…perhaps neuroscience will add to our knowledge.

    My key beliefs are that the subconscious determines what is experienced in our conscious awareness…there is no conscious thinker or feeler or separate self acting independently…however we can consciously change the subconscious mind through some form of self hypnosis or mantra meditation…the change is primarily allowing the subconscious to flow freely without expectations.

  3. Hello Mr. Sid, I wanted to contact you so I was looking for your email address or a contact form in your blog but I could not find it, so I decided to write this comment.
    I have a question.
    Do you think that the brain records/stores everything that it perceives?

    Here are just some articles that I have found on this topic and that have led me to ask this question:

    1. The Power of the Subconscious – http://www.musicianshypnosis.com/htbt/subconscious-article.html

    2. Does the mind actually record everything that enters the stream of consciousness? – http://www.quora.com/Does-the-mind-actually-record-everything-that-enters-the-stream-of-consciousness

  4. I like people sharing the ideas on my blog….I don’t feel possessive of my material and hope it circulates as much as possible..

  5. hello sid not sure if you will check this or if you will care, but someone is passing off your work as theirs. check out the site: http://indigosociety.com/showthread.php?1145-Linear-Time-Vs.-Circular-Time

  6. Hi Deborah

    I did visit your website and was very impressed….I would think a golf psychologist would be very familiar with Flow Theory and being “in the zone”….basic to these ideas is the awesome power of the subconscious…it is a short step to wonder about other hidden qualities within our brain.

    Since I no longer have any responsibilities to clients or agencies,I feel free to allow my mind to wander about unconventional ideas related to the field of psychology…I feel now “outside the box” and having fun.

    Best Wishes,

  7. hi sid,
    like jennifer i “feel like an alien who found a portal home” with your site.
    a licensed practicing psychologist for over 30 years i have found myself continually moving farther and farther from my traditional training and more into the spiritual realm, or i guess you could say more jungian and beyond, especially after the death of someone dear to me who amazingly seemed to come back to me as a spirit guide…oh, left brain/right brain, or what i have come to call ego vs soul work, has been key in assisting professional athletes who i consider artists with an different medium …
    anyway, becoming so eclectic on my professional and personal journey incorporating Buda teachings, native american indian wisdom, creation centered spiritualism, etc etc.. i thought i had evolved into a very unique and lonely place for a counseling psychologist …then i found you!
    🙂 thank you for sharing

  8. Hi Sid,
    That is the reason I found your blog sympathically open mind.
    I think, we share a similar background of experiences, and I truly appreciate that even being from over the pond , you share your view with a humble engaged curiosity instead of being one of these many who build this new success prosperity show teeth guru easy 10 steps to delusion.
    My own “spiritual” experience brings me also to be very suspicious of a certain appropriation will of some religions who pretends that neurology confirms their practice.We know how easy some researches can serve the purposes of certain views on the world and how human “improves”.
    Instead of a “making the human better” ,the change will come trough a greater acceptance of ourself as human.The old platonist view dividing into higher soul, lower animal body is ending as source of trouble who impacted our specie since over 2000 years.A more democratic vision, even in ourself, will bring the changes who might help us to survive the disasters created by the old hierarchical power trip.I trust in our surviving optimum, collaboration/compassion and awareness.
    Thank you for your caring intelligence.

  9. Hi Antiphosgarden,

    Your comment is very valid….most of my posts come from a variety of sources on the Internet….it is a point of view I feel very sympathetic toward but realize it is not scientific or conclusive.


  10. The right/left brain activity concept, appears to me only a step towards a far more subtle integrated idea of all parts interacting with each other and meta communicating self perception.Ego/self seems different concepts too,to me.
    The idea of flow included a careful view on anything who could end being a new dogma.Can we call it a work idea in progress?

  11. Dear Sid and the great troup(ers) !! around you ..
    I have found your site quite by chance when I was googling about Einstein Playing the Violin and the Right Side of the Brain .. so i landed in your most amazing home you created for us folks searching some quiet space to find meaning in different aspects of our lives and challenges dished over to us …
    i too got 2 – what i call – telephone calls from god .. with 2 separate occurances of breast cancer: so i opened up to the possibility of who else i could be and who i am trapped under lots of suffocating brain material…

    i will now navigate the space you have created .. and I thank you for it deeply sincerely..

    what part of the world do you reside in ??

    in am in NY in body but these days my soul takes me to Turkey.. my place of birth and to France connected to my high school studies

    thanks a million for your creation


  12. Dear Erdinc, On your journey to understand and believe, please add to your research “The Miracles of science and prayer” by Gregg Braden. This scientist put together a 7 part ‘youtube’ documentary that is extraordinary. It sounds like something you might be interested in. He has also written quite a few books. Hang in there. Jen

  13. Dear Sir,
    I found your blog from the links to Jill Taylors stroke of insight.As a surgeon I have been trained about the duality of the hemispheres of the brain but dont know them seperately in my own body.Previously I was only intersted in the logical world of the left brain but since having twins ,one with autism and progressive loss of vision and the other with severe cerebral palsy and an incurable heart disease 3 years ago, I have been in a continous state of sarrow and pain and have started thinking about the justice or lack of it in this world.I will visit your blog again.

  14. Hi Jenn,

    Welcome to the world of the right brain!… it is quite different from the left brain world in which we live.

    Looking at ourselves from a distance gives us a truer and larger picture of our self… This happens to me when I’m free from some narrow focus on a personal problem.

    Henry Thoreau is my favorite philosopher and taught me a lot about the right brain.


  15. Dido!!! This site makes me feel like an alien who found the portal to home. I have always been connected to my right brain. I have always known I saw things from a different perspective than most. I often felt that though we were seeing the same thing, I somehow sat higher…perhaps an “aerial view” sort of speak. there is a quote that i would like to share with you
    “Many an object is not seen though it fall within the range of our sight, because it does not come within the range of our understanding”. Henry Thoreau.

  16. Hi Gary,

    I am sorry to read about the unfortunate death of your son…but you seem to realize tragic events often open up doors in seeing life in a deeper and more meaningful way.

    Your comments help reassure me that my blog has been beneficial to readers…THANKS !


  17. My son died on June 1 of what appears to be a sudden cardiac event. He was a 38 year old artist, living and painting in Oakland. His death has sent me on a new and unexpected journey. I believe an attitude that fully embraces life and learning is an essential companion. I found your site because besides the writing thought pieces, and poetry (I am a published writer, though not as a career), I have begun drawing, tapping into that special right brain area that can actually “see” rather than “think” about what I see. I find myself a surprised at what I am seeing take shape on the paper.

    I will be visiting your site again. I have only read several of your blogs, but find my own thoughts a mirror of yours. I’ve never considered myself scientific pantheist, but I embrace your description.

    Keep up the good work!

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